Introducing the FUSO FI

Inline fuel injection pump and lower engine speed make engine more reliable. High pressure common rail Finer atomization of fuel for better air-fuel mixing Higher fuel efficiency Engine rated speed of 2500rpm Lesser wear & tear of engine components Longer engine life More responsive to all terrains, operates at the best efficiency range. Intermittent operation of e-viscous fan improves fuel economy by disengaging the fan when engine is operating below a preset temperature



Engines of Profitability: The fuel-efficient, common rail, direct injection engine with four valves per cylinder is designed to deliver ample power and torque while lowering operating costs. E-Viscous fan: Intermittent operation of E-Viscous fan reduces load on engine, improving fuel efficiency. Engine RPM throttle control: Demand based rpm setting.


With a Solid Foundation for Business Growth: The frame members in the chassis are not only deeper and thicker. They are shot-peened and powder-coated for greater surface strength and resistance to corrosion. Wheelbase Options: The FA range has two wheelbase configurations, short wheelbase (3760 mm) for optimized payload. Long wheelbase (4800 mm) for cargo volume requirements.


Arctic White (AW1) Cab colour. Air Conditioner / Heater / Demister. Exhaust Brake System. Lockable Fuel Tank Cap and Fuel Theft Protection. 12V Accessory Power Outlet. Radio AM/FM + USB + AUX. Central Locking. Electrical Windows. Intelligent Instrument Cluster (DTE, Fuel Economy, Engine Run Hours). Dual Door Mirrors + LH Front and Side Safety Mirrors. Variable Engine RPM Control. E-Viscous Fan. Telescopic and Tilt Steering Column with Steering lock. Additional Roof Storage. Fully trimmed Cabin. LED Lamps. Pendant Type Brake Pedal. Cab Coloured Bumper.


Smoothing the Way to Business Success: FI trucks are equipped with 6-speed transmissions designed for smoother operation, to reduce driver fatigue and improve turn-around time. Smooth, Durable Six-speed Transmission: The six-speed (6F,1R) overdrive transmission combines multiple synchronizer rings and a cable type shift mechanism to make shifting smoother and easier. The large diameter clutch plate and organic clutch material increase durability.


Able to Carry Bigger Loads: Rear suspension with a taller stack of laminated leaf springs enhance load capacity, while thicker leaves also increase durability. Stronger where it counts: To further increase load capacity, the heavy duty banjo-type rear axle has been strengthened with a larger crown wheel and larger diameter shaft. Intelligent Instrument Cluster: The LED panel makes vital information more visible, and a buzzer will sound if the engine overheats. The Trip Mileage Indicator makes it easy to monitor distance travelled, average speed and fuel consumed.


A Great Place to Work: Fully adjustable seats. A tilt-and-telescoping steering wheel and smooth-shifting transmission. Lined roof, side trim, and handy console pocket for storage of small objects. All in a comfortable cabin that reduces driver fatigue and increases productivity. Standard Air conditioned cabin with Power window and central locking system available to enhance the driver comfort. Signaling Beauty in Every Turn: Style, fit and finish. These turn signal lamps have it all.


FUSO Trucks are warranted against defects and faulty workmanship. Contact your nearest dealer to experience what Quality and Reliability really means. Terms and conditions apply.

4 year / 300 000km


We keep your vehicles running perfectly to minimise the impact of downtime on your business. Contact your nearest dealer for a tailor-made SERVICE PLAN to fit your needs. Best Service Support from FUSO.

15 000km’s