Introducing the FUSO FJ (HCV)

Very low operating costs, reliability and functionality. These three guiding principles in the design brief for the FUSO FJ give you a truck that”s built for maximum profitability. Complemented by exceptional loading capacity and comfort, the FUSO FJ”s reliable, low maintenance costs and extensive durability all contribute to reducing the total cost of ownership for your business.



Engines of Profitability: From output to emissions, this engine has it all. The direct injection diesel engine delivers high output and flat torque to the smooth-shifting six-speed transmission. Oil-lubricant fuel pumps reduce wear, increasing durability. E-Viscous fan: Intermittent operation of E-Viscous fan reduces load on engine, improving fuel efficiency. Cruise Control: Cruise control reduces driver fatigue. The driver can set a cruising speed, then relax.


Suspensions with Enhanced Functionality: Parabolic front suspension increases comfort and drivability, while the multi leaf rear suspensions have more and thicker leaves, to last longer and carry heavier loads. Wheelbase Options: The FJ range has two wheelbase configurations, short wheelbase (5100 mm) for optimized payload. Long wheelbase (6000 mm) for cargo volume requirements.


Arctic White (AW1) Cab colour. Air Suspended Driver’s Seat with Integral Seat Belt. ELR 3-Point with Centre Lap Belt & Driver’s Seat Belt Reminder. Air Conditioner / Heater / Demister. 12V Accessory Power Outlet. Radio AM/FM + USB + AUX. Central Locking and Electric Windows. Dual Door Mirrors + LH Front and Side Safety Mirrors. Variable Engine RPM Control. Cruise Control. Engine Brake and Exhaust Brake. E-Viscous Fan (Intermittent Operation Fan). Differential Lock Buzzer. Clutch Wear Indicator (Preventative Maintenance). Daytime Running Lights (LED). Intelligent Instrumental Cluster with On-board Diagnostics. Transmission PTO.


Smooth, Durable Six-speed Transmission: The six-speed (6F,1R) overdrive transmission combines multiple synchronizer rings and a cable type shift mechanism to make shifting smoother and easier. The large diameter clutch plate and organic clutch material increase durability. Clutch wear indicator: The clutch system has a clutch wear indicator that ensures the clutch is used to its full life, this allows preventative maintenance and planned downtime when the clutch full life is reached.


Cruise Control: Cruise control reduces driver fatigue. The driver can set a cruising speed, then relax. Anti-roll Bars for with Greater Safety: Anti-roll bars improve road grip and vehicle stability, especially when cornering or changing lanes at high speed. Front and rear anti-roll bar is standard. Intelligent Instrument Cluster: The LED panel makes all vital information easily visible. The Trip Mileage Indicator shows distance travelled, average speed, and fuel consumed. Variable green band indicator shows the driver the gear and speed required to minimize overall fuel consumption.


Aerodynamic Cab Design: The aerodynamic design of the cab reduces wind resistance. While increasing fuel efficiency, it also reduces noise for a quieter, more comfortable drive. More Comfortable Cabin: Three-way adjustable seats and tilt-and-telescoping steering wheel allow the driver to choose an optimum driving posture. Standard Air conditioned cabin with Power window, central locking system and Air suspended seat available to enhance the driver’s comfort.


FUSO Trucks are warranted against defects and faulty workmanship. Contact your nearest dealer to experience what Quality and Reliability really means. Terms and conditions apply.

4 year / 300 000km


We keep your vehicles running perfectly to minimise the impact of downtime on your business. Contact your nearest dealer for a tailor-made SERVICE PLAN to fit your needs. Best Service Support from FUSO.

15 000 km’s; 20 000 km’s and 25 000 km’s